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Choose the design you prefer, load your card with the amount of your choice and send your gift with a personalised message.


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Decide how your order will be delivered to you or the person of your choice, or simply opt for collection at the Info & Services Center.


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Primark, H&M, Pull&Bear, Zara, Media Markt, ... Make use of your card for 1 year in all our shops (or even at the ice rink or at The VEX).

The Médiacité Gift card? Making people happy has never been so easy!

With the Médiacité Gift card, you are choosing THE 100% shopping prepaid card with the budget of your choice! Whether it's for a birthday, a wedding present or a simple thank you, the Médiacité Gift card always puts a smile on someone's face!

Each card can be loaded with an amount ranging from 20 € to 250 € and is valid for 1 year from the date it is loaded. It can be used in all the shops in Médiacité and you do not have to spend it all at once.

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Frequently asked questions

You choose the amount yourself, the minimum is 20 € and the maximum is 250 € per Gift card.

You can order up to 50 Gift cards through this webshop. Beyond that, you must either place an order via the contact form or come to the Médiacité Info & Services area.

You can buy your Gift card through this webshop using Bancontact, Mastercard and Visa. If you prefer to buy your gift Gift card, you can do so using the Info & Services area at Médiacité.

The Gift card can be used in almost all the shops at Médiacité. Even at the ice rink or in the virtual reality centre The VEX!

Your Gift card is valid for 1 year from the date of activation.

Once you have purchased your Gift card, our team will prepare it and send you an email containing a link and a unique activation code. Once you have the Gift card in your possession, simply follow the instructions in the email.

For businesses, an invoice may be requested at the time of payment of your basket. Once your payment has been validated, our team will draw up the invoice and send it to you by email.

You can check the balance of your Gift card by scanning the QR code on the back of the card or by clicking on this link.

You don't have to spend it all at once and can use the amount in different shops.

In most shops this is not a problem, but it may depend on the software installed on the shop's payment terminal.

The Gift card is neither refundable nor exchangeable.

Your Gift card cannot be topped up. If the balance on the card is less than the amount of the purchase, the difference can be paid by another means, i.e. cash or bank card.

You can go to our Info & Services area for any collection, purchase or information concerning your Médiacité Gift card.

Yes, as long as you have previously noted the token number of your Gift card. With this number, we can find your card, block it and transfer the remaining amount to a new Gift card.


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